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Founded in 1995. Oskar Produkt started its journey to become one of the leaders in the field of sorghum brooms production. Today Oskar Produkt is one of the leading companies in Vojvodina and Serbia that produces sorghum brooms.

Having experience in broom production for over 20 years, we offer you the best brooms money can buy. Over a million produced brooms and couple of dozens of satisfied companies can testify about the quality and credibility of a small but successful company such as "Oskar Produkt". 

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Quality Sorghum Brooms

While most brooms that we manufacture can be used for indoor and outdoor cleaning, industrial broom is specially designed for factory conditions. Wherever there is dust and/or dirt that needs to be cleaned, our brooms are perfect solution.

Oskar Produkt offers sorghum brooms of various sizes and purposes. The range of our products goes from small car brooms, large brooms with a handle, and up to brooms suitable for industrial facilities which effectively eliminate small and large dust and waste.
Depending on the client and his need, we can deliver brooms which are specially custom made according to client’s instructions. We can paint the broom handle, use different thread colors and different color combinations while sowing the broom, drill a hole at the end of the broom handle or we can make other aesthetic alterations.

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Oskar Brooms - Quality sorghum brooms from Serbia

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